Update 1.8 (Complete!)

Hello lucky viewer!

I spent the last 5 days working on update 1.8

This is not the Big Update 2.0!!!

Version 2.0 will finally progress through the story and have all those new features that I talked about in my last devlog.

Version 1.8 however, is full of little surprises. This update is a remaster of the previous version. 

Version 1.8 features:

  • The characters have more emotions
  • You can now rape two of  the characters
  • I fixed every little bug that was bothering me 
  • Hazel now  her own animated H-Scene

Have fun and enjoy the update! I'm rendering it right now. Give me 10 minutes and it will be uploaded & ready to play!

Version 2.0 will be ready in about... a week and a half. Promise  \(^-^)/

Get Gentlemen It's Time to Get Laid (NSFW)

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