New Update Finished! Download & Play Now!!!

Hey guys!

The Newest Update is now available to download & play!

The new features include:

  • Day 3 & Day 4 Story Missions
  • You now have the ability to Smoke after Having Sex In the later missions
  • 2 New Female Characters with multiple H-Scenes
  • The option to Degrade or Compliment women (Which alters the H-Scenes)
  • You can now have happy or dark endings with female characters depending on how you treat them
  • You are now able to have sex with Courtney behind the Strip Club
  • And Last but not Least...   There is a secret Bonus Sex Scene once you reach the end of the game...

I will upload the Android Version this Afternoon, so don't fret, mobile players! :D

If you already have a previous version of the game... I'm afraid that you will have to start all over when you play the New Version... but don't worry, it shouldn't take to long to catch up!

Thanks for your support guys!

Please tell your friends about this amazing game

that I work so hard on haha! ^^


Gentlemen It's Time to Get Laid ( 133 MB
Jan 04, 2018
Gentlemen It'sTime to GetLaid ( 118 MB
Jan 04, 2018

Get Gentlemen It's Time to Get Laid (NSFW)

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